RYP Dreamers


express-yourself-img  “Express Yourself”

Balancing everyday life can be very demanding and overwhelming. Dreamers will learn healthy ways to express emotions and feelings through journaling, as well as techniques that will help them convey their dreams by creating visualization boards. Preparation is key to having a successful future. This workshop will also teach the importance of good study habits, organizational skills, goal planning and proper planning.

financial-literacy-img  “Financial Literacy” – Making Cents

Having a strong understanding of creating and following a budget is paramount to success both in one’s professional and personal realms. This workshop will empower Dreamers with financial skills, basic “responsible” habits, and long-term thinking that will help them achieve more self-reliance and greater independence. It will also draw a parallel of day to day survival/needs to how saving and investing for the future can change their lives.

communications-101-img  Communication 101, Back to the Basics

Social media has been a tremendous benefit to our world, yet it has also hindered the basic communication and interpersonal skills of our youth. Public speaking and the ability to have a “personal elevator speech” is still an important element. This workshop will provide skills to the Dreamers to present themselves professionally and with confidence and grace.

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